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Ping & Latency (Закрытая тема)

Slow Connection!

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Hello , i got a problem.

For the last 3 days , my internet connection has been awful.
Its very slow. And i wanted to ask you , as i'm playing Game : ' World of Warcraft ' my ingame Ping and Latency is very high , but i can use Internet browsers properly. I have read almost all advices about this problem , and i still don't have an Right answere , i got No Virus'es and i have deleted all non needed stuff.

So I guess the problem is in my Internet connection. Please Magic Net admins or whoever you are , try to resolve this Problem please.

my IP :

( Sorry that i wrote you on English , i can speak Russian , but i'm not good in Typing on Russian )

Thanks .
Hope to hear about you soon.

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Please contact support team by email:

Write your address (street, house number and etc), personal data (first name, last name) and full description of problem in letter.

This forum is not for the personal support.


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