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Free Realms

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описания на русском нету нифига =( игруля прикольная ... заходим на сайт ... регимся .. создаём персонажа ... ска4ивается клиент - 60 мегов ... после того как запустите клиент контент будет ска4иваться по мере надобности (пошли в локацию - ска4али её) ... у меня клиент уже 750 мегов весит .. хотя поиграл я не много )

в игре 4его тока нет )) правда я мало 4его пока видел )) мона с петом поиграть .. поиграть в шахматы ... и в другие мини игры .. за них вам дают опыт и разные вещи

могу конешн клиент попробовать выложить запакованный )


“Free Realms” is the first free-to-play MMORPG developed by Sony Online Entertainment, the studio behind MMORPG hits such as “EverQuest” and “Star Wars Galaxies.” The game takes place in a humorous fantasy world, and while it is aimed primarily toward younger players, it’s not as “kiddy” as many kid-friendly games, and features plenty of jokes and references for an older audience.

As the name implies, “Free Realms” is about choice. Players will only have to make one character, as that character can switch off between classes on the fly. Classes include everything from MMORPG staples such as Adventurer, Miner, Blacksmith, Explorer, Warrior, Archer, Wizard, and Brawler, to some more unique ones such as Ninja, Postman, Medic, Treasure Hunter, Kart Driver, Chef, and Card Duelist.

In another departure from the norm, “Free Realms” offers many more choices for gameplay styles. Rather than focus solely on combat, players in “Free Realms” can also focus on exploration, building, housing, pet raising, minigames, and social networking, to name only a few of its many gameplay mechanics.

The game falls under the “freemium” tag. Players can create and play free accounts, but subscribing for $4.99/month will reward players with 5 exclusive jobs, the ability to be ranked on the “Free Realms” leaderboard, 3 character slots, and 400 extra items and quests.

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